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UPDA Registration

UPDA Registration

Navigating Success: Kenza Services and Your MMUP Certification Journey

In the ever-evolving landscape of engineering and construction in Qatar, securing the esteemed MMUP/UPDA (Urban planning and Development Authority) certification stands as a pivotal achievement for professionals in the field. Recognizing the rigorous nature of the MMUP exam, Kenza Services emerges as a steadfast companion, offering comprehensive assistance throughout the entire A to Z process, from document attestation to the triumphant moment of certification achievement.

Understanding the MMUP Certification Process

The MMUP/UPDA certification process, administered by the Urban planning and Development Authority, is a meticulous evaluation of engineers and professionals in their respective domains. Kenza Services, attuned to the significance of this certification, provides tailored solutions to guide candidates seamlessly through this multifaceted journey.

Eligibility Criteria for MMUP Exam

To embark on the MMUP certification journey, candidates must meet specific eligibility criteria:

  •  • Qatari citizenship or residency in the state
  •  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering or equivalent from recognized universities
  •  • Professional competence in their respective fields
  •  • A commendable history and reputation, free from criminal convictions or offenses involving moral turpitude

Essential Documents for MMUP Exam

Kenza Services facilitates the document submission process, ensuring candidates provide the necessary paperwork for MMUP registration:

  •  • Valid Qatar ID
  •  • Attested degree certificate from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  •  • Consolidated mark sheets and individual semester mark sheets
  •  • Qatar Police Clearance Certificate
  •  • Curriculum Vitae
  •  • Passport-sized photographs
  •  • Passport

Document Attestation Process

Kenza Services guides candidates through the attestation process, a crucial step in ensuring the authenticity of their documents. All required certificates must be attested by competent authorities in their home country and by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in Qatar.

Kenza Services, with its commitment to excellence and meticulous attention to detail, stands as the ideal partner for professionals navigating the complex journey toward MMUP certification. In collaboration with Kenza Services, candidates can confidently stride through each stage of the A to Z process, knowing they have a dedicated ally ensuring their success in the MMUP exam and beyond.

Ready to initiate your MMUP/UPDA journey? Contact us via phone at 50100240 or drop us an email at info@kenzaservices.com

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