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Visa Services

We, professional and dedicated team of visa specialists, are wholly committed to provide efficient and professional visa services. We will advise you through each step by providing efficient and effective visa information and application service to private as well as commercial applicants. We have years of experience in the industry. We can help you with all your visa queries for India and Qatar. We can help in arranging Tourist visas, business visas, medical visas and family visit visas. We can provide you with expert knowledge on documents required while applying for a visa. Requirements for all types of visas will not be the same, so you should be exactly aware of requirements before proceeding with the visa application.

Translation Services

We are providing legal and normal translation service and we have a dedicated team of professionals with decades of experience. We provide expert translation for Arabic and vice versa. Professionals present in our firm is very much specialized in translating legal documents, education and non-education certificates, medical records, and other business related reports. Kenza is a reliable translation service provider who also guarantee complete confidentiality with your documents.

Embassy Services

Kenza services provide differnet kind of services from various embassies, Such as:
• Attestation service,
• Passport service
• Police clearance certificate
• Affidavits
Immediate and quick services from embassies are made possible during emergency situations like death, arrest, or when there is urgent need of financial assistance. Kenza also efficiently provide embassy services for security messages, voting, birth and adoption of a child, and passports.

Emigration services(Registration for Recruitment of Indian workers on emigration system)

As per the emigration act 1983 by govt. of India, Certain categories of Indian passport holders should require to obtain emigration clearance from the protector of emigrant (POE) for going some countries. As per the emigration act, emigration means leaving of India by an Indian citizen by the intent of employment in other country.

All Indian passports are divided in to 2 categories

Emigration check required (ECR)

Emigration check not required in passport. (ECNR)

Passport which has been issued before 2007 no notation in the passport means ECR ie. Emigration required. For the passport issued in or after January 2007, no notation in passport means emigration not required. If required, there will be endorsement in the passport.

As per new guidelines, a "Blank" page 2 on passport is deemed to have been ECNR endorsed. If the status is "Emigration Check Required (ECR)", it will be specifically mentioned in passport by means of an endorsement.

There are 17 countries where emigration check is compulsory. .

Emigration Steps

• Company registration in Emigrate system
• Raise Demand
• Online Demand letter and Power of attorney
• Job id Job code
We are doing all steps of registration formalities for recruiting Indian workers on Emigrate system developed by government of India. Now days this registration is mandatory for recruiting ECR status workers / Labours from India.

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