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PRO Service

PRO Services is generally known as Document Clearing Services locally in Qatar. There is more of foreign settlements happening in Qatar because of its rapid rise in the economy. All around the world, people have their attention on Qatar because of their steady growth in all sectors of the economy. This, of course, have triggered the increase in the number of foreign settlements occurring in Qatar. It is very much important for a company to maintain a favourable relationship with the public. Every company, regardless of size or industry, can benefit from using public relations as part of their overall marketing plan. And this can be hard due to strict rules set by Qatar government. It's then when you need Kenza by your side. We offer document processing and clearing solutions for all types of companies in Qatar. Outsourcing your PRO needs will save you time and let you concentrate on what is important.

Our PRO Services include the following:

• Attestation of Certificates/Other documents.
• Assistance for all government / semi government / and private sector works.
• Processing Commercial Registration.
• Yearly renewal of Trade License.
• Processing of all type of visas.
• Processing of Resident permits.
• Assistance of spouse and family visas.
• Assistance of wok permit for ladies under family sponsorship
• Assistance for medical check up

Advantages of outsourcing PRO Services

Allows you to focus on your core business in order to enhance your profitability and productivity.

• Counting on a trained and well experienced team of professional PROs to process and handle all your transactions efficiently and without any hassle.

•Receive reminders through our hands-on reports for your staff visa status to avoid any delays or fines.

• Eliminate management inductive costs and overheads to run such operations.

• Generate major savings on unnecessary payroll in terms of salaries, end of service benefits (gratuity), annual leave, airline tickets, medical allowances, car maintenance, fuel, mobile bills, and parking, to mention just a few.

• Exemption of additional employee liabilities for the purpose.

Our company employs experienced professionals for public relations services. We provide this service to companies in a wide range of industries across QATAR. We have worked with all possible government departments and their respective document processing requirements. We understand all the formalities and requirements of all the government departments. We offer a collection and delivery service for all document required from your office and the government departments.

We will assist you to be up to date with your document processing needs by reminding you annually or as per the required renewal terms. You will never miss a renewal or approval again. We will manage your entire public relations needs in the most efficient way. Hiring our public relations service is as good as having a dedicated in house staff. We maintain the highest level of confidentiality with all the documents submitted piracy paramount.

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