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Company Formation


The Qatari government’s economic development strategy has proven to be very successful in the recent years and they have emerged to be the one of the wealthiest country in the world. The country's investment incentives, banking services, infrastructure, political and social stability all contribute to creating an excellent environment for business. Foreign investors find it very useful that English is the main business language in Qatar which improves easiness in further business communication. Company formation in Qatar proves to be more beneficial for foreign investors due to good access to low cost skilled and unskilled labor available.

Types of company in Qatar:

• Partnership Company
• Limited Partnership Company
• Particular Partnership Company
• Shareholding Company
• Limited Share Partnership Company
• Limited Liability Company
• Single Person Company
• Holding Company

Steps that are required to register a company in Qatar are mentioned below

• Step 01 | Name Search
• Step 02 | Temporary Bank Account (n/a in case of establishments)
• Step 03 | Articles of Association (n/a in case of establishments)
• Step 04 | Deposit Capital (n/a in case of establishments)
• Step 05 | Provision for Further Documents
• Step 06 | Approval for Incorporation documents (n/a in case of establishments)
• Step 07 | Authentication of Articles of Association (n/a in case of establishments)
• Step 08 | Commercial Registration
• Step 09 | Registration with Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry
• Step 10 | Company Seal
• Step 11 | Trade License
• Step 12 | Signage License

The government of Qatar invites foreign investments in all various sectors of economy providing maximum support from their side. The most frequently incorporated company in Qatar for foreign investors is a With Limited Liability company (WLL). In most cases a foreign investor will require one or more Qatari partners to be involved in the company and to stand as the majority shareholder. The Qatari partner would typically hold 51% of the shares of the WLL and the foreign investor would own the remaining 49% of the company. A separate profit share arrangement can then be arranged which will not reflect the shareholding agreements. All the legal procedures associated with company set up in Qatar is taken care of by Kenza efficiently.

Certificate attestation in Qatar